Takako Aikawa


AI-Augmented Language Pedagogy: “Perspective Shift” is All You Need


Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are poised to significantly transform the way we teach foreign languages. This keynote argues for the urgent development of AI-augmented language pedagogy that can fully leverage the potential of AI in our teaching practices.  In this presentation, I share potential use case scenarios of AI for language instruction and discuss the added value that AI brings to the field.  Rather than excluding AI, we must learn to coexist with it and adopt a new perspective.



Takako Aikawa is a Sr. Lecturer in Global Languages at MIT.  She shapes the future direction of MIT's Japanese program by incorporating new technologies into language pedagogy.  In addition to teaching, she conducts various research projects together with MIT students, using emerging technologies such as ChatGPT and virtual reality.


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