Shiva Rahmani

The University of Chicago

Integrating Chat GPT into Language Education


The proposal aims to explore the potential of ChatGPT, a language model developed by OpenAI, in language education, and how it can engage students and improve their language proficiency. This proposal will cover the basics of ChatGPT, its practical usage, its limitations, and how it can be beneficial for both students and professors, along with examples. ChatGPT offers personalized and interactive language practice to students through its ability to understand and respond to natural language inputs. In this presentation, participants will learn about how ChatGPT can be integrated into existing language courses and activities, supplementing traditional language teaching methods. Examples will be provided to illustrate how ChatGPT can be used to improve different language skills, including writing, listening, and speaking. Additionally, participants will get hands-on experience with the model and will be able to interact with it using their personal computers, if time permits. Finally, this presentation will discuss the importance of protecting students' privacy and offer suggestions for safeguarding private information. Overall, this proposal seeks to demonstrate how ChatGPT can revolutionize language education by providing students with personalized and interactive language practice, improving their language proficiency, and supplementing traditional teaching methods.



Shiva Rahmani is an Assistant Instructional Professor of German at the University of Chicago as well as a language instructor at the Goethe Institute Chicago. She became a part of the University of Chicago in 2018, engaging in teaching diverse content-based courses in German. Her influence extends beyond teaching—organizing cultural affairs, orchestrating social events, and spearheading the German Club at the University of Chicago. Apart from language pedagogy, her curiosity lies in integrating technology into language education. Currently, her research delves into harnessing technology to elevate language learning, concentrating on crafting immersive learning experiences for students, while simultaneously undertaking a domain analysis for developing language courses for specific purposes.

Past Events

Integrating ChatGPT into Language Education
Panel 2: Material Development using AI
Sat, Oct 7, 2023, 10:30 am