Giovanni Zimotti

University of Iowa

Words & Bytes: The AI-Empowered Classroom. Skills and Strategies for Tomorrow’s Language Teachers. 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform language teaching methodologies and the way we teach in our classrooms. As language educators, it's our responsibility to guide this shift, ensuring that AI enhances, rather than impedes, student learning. 

This workshop explores how AI can revolutionize the teaching of contemporary languages from a teacher’s perspective. Participants will investigate how AI facilitates content development and could help us move beyond commercial textbooks. Additionally, you will also learn how to ensure that instructional materials created with the aid of AI tools are culturally relevant by recognizing and rectifying biases.  

Navigating this fast and tech-driven era of pedagogical development has its challenges. This workshop concludes by addressing urgent concerns about the ethical ramifications of AI in education, concentrating on topics like bias, data privacy, copyright issues, and material quality. 



Dr. Giovanni Zimotti is the Director of Spanish Language Instruction at the University of Iowa. He is a champion of Open Educational Resources (OER), authoring three textbooks. His research focuses on second language acquisition with a focus on technology such as Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. His dedication to accessible education earned him awards such as the 2022 Educator Award for Open Education Excellence.