Ezgi Yalcin

Yale University

Harnessing the Power of AI: Designing Listening Materials for Less Commonly Taught Languages with Speecify


This workshop aims to address the crucial need for customized resources in the realm of less commonly taught languages, where emerging pedagogies often require instructors to design their own materials. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and utilizing the powerful voiceover tool, Speecify, participants will gain hands-on experience in creating high-quality listening materials. This workshop emphasizes the value of AI in enhancing language learning opportunities and equips participants with practical skills for developing materials tailored to less commonly taught languages.
During the workshop, participants will be introduced to the exciting potential of AI in language learning and the specific application of AI-powered listening materials for less commonly taught languages. The session will begin by providing an overview of AI's application in developing listening materials, with a particular focus on its significance in supporting less commonly taught languages. Participants will then be introduced to Speecify, an AI-driven voiceover tool, through live demonstrations showcasing its capabilities in creating high-quality voiceover materials. The
workshop will provide step-by-step guidance on using Speecify, allowing participants to actively engage in hands-on activities and create their own voiceover materials. Additionally, the workshop will address quality assurance and cultural authenticity, providing participants with techniques for evaluating the accuracy of AI-generated voiceovers and ensuring linguistic and cultural integrity. The workshop is designed to be concise, lasting approximately 30 minutes, and is suitable for language educators, curriculum developers, and language enthusiasts interested in leveraging AI technology for listening materials in less commonly taught languages. No prior experience with AI or Speecify is required, and participants are encouraged to bring their laptops or tablets with internet access to fully engage in the hands-on activities. By attending the workshop, participants will unlock the potential of AI in creating impactful listening materials.


Meryem Ezgi Yalçın is the director of the Modern Turkish Program at Yale University and the lector of Turkish. She is interested in social and individual variables in learning Turkish as a world and heritage language. Her background is applied linguistics. The University of Glasgow awarded her the Applied Linguistics Award and she is a Fulbright and SUSI’s alumna. 

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