Alyssia Miller

Colorado State University

Revolutionizing Language Learning and Teaching Through Technology: Opportunities and Challenges


In this talk, I will explore the impact that technology has had on language learning and teaching, highlighting the various opportunities it presents, including increased access to educational resources, improved engagement and interaction, personalized learning, and immersive experiences. Additionally, I will address the challenges that come with implementing technology in language education, such as specialized training and support, the potential for a digital divide including the need for equitable language learning experiences, concerns about privacy and data security, and AI bias. I will also discuss the future of language learning and teaching through technology, including the emergence of AI, virtual reality, and machine learning, and the possibility for these technologies to further augment language education rather than replace human interaction.



Alyssia Miller De Rutté, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Spanish for Specific Purposes at Colorado State University (CSU). She is also the Director of Languages for Specific Purposes and the Graduate Teaching Assistant Coordinator at CSU and is a member of the Board of Directors for the National Association of Medical Spanish. Additionally, Dr. Miller De Rutté is affiliate faculty at the University of Colorado School of Medicine’s Fort Collins branch, where she is the Course Director for medical Spanish. Her research interests center on medical Spanish, technology for language learning, and the intersection of applied linguistics, culture, and health.